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Welcome to Funeral Services, composed by Reverend Robert Joy and it is my pleasure to provide you with the information on this Funeral Service or Funeral Ceremony web site.

The web site has been created as a guiding light for Funeral Ceremonies because even after attending and conducting many thousands of Funeral Services, I still remember my first service and the difficulty I had in preparing and putting it all together. This web site and the electronic Funeral Ceremonies book will make your Funeral Ceremony or Service an easy and memorable one both for you and for the deceased's family and friends.

This website was designed for the Clergy, Officiate or Minister, I feel that this information can be useful for the family and also maybe for us all in preparing our own service in advance, thereby making life easier for those we leave behind.

The Funeral Ceremony or Funeral Services book is 121 pages and contains;

  • 16 Complete Funeral Services.
  • 58 Readings.
  • 12 Funeral Traditions.
  • Plus many pages where to start, how to start and plenty of helpful suggestions, comments and ideas and money saving tips.

The book is useful for people starting out as an officiant or minister also for more experienced ministers.
Also this book is very useful for the bereaved family as it gives plenty of insight into Funeral Services. What is required or what can be available and huge money saving tips.

The Funeral Service book is only available as an electronic version.
For the electronic book click here, priced at $8.95.

For the CD with DOC and PDF versions, priced at $21.95 inclusive of postage please click here.

"Dying is one of the few events in life certain to occur, yet one we are not likely to plan for. We spend more time getting ready for two weeks away from work than we do our last time on Earth".
(Time Magazine Sept 2000)

Below is the information that you will need in order to create your service.

Name of the deceased or name they prefer to be known by
Date of birth
Birth place
How many brothers & sisters (if any)
Did the deceased serve in the Armed Forces or do any Military Service
Where did the deceased meet their partner and date of marriage
Names of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Information about work during his/her life
Likes and dislikes
Hobbies/interests/favourite pastime activities
Sports - Music - Television Programmes
Qualities - Was he or she kind, loving, caring, generous, strong willed, independent, a private person who kept themselves to themselves etc. etc?

An important way for friends and relatives to show respect and to express there inner feelings is with sympathy cards.

In the book I cover the procedure and offer many ideas in greater detail. You will also find examples here on this website.

As in all my previous books, I offer a 100% guarantee of your money refunded in full if you are not totally satisfied with my book. I am also available as a free consultant after you purchase my book so that I can assist you regardless where you are located, I'm always here to assist.



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