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Readings for Funeral Service Examples

Here are a few examples of the readings in the Funeral Service Ceremony Book.
Also below are two of the Funeral Traditions others can be found in more detail in the Funeral Service Ceremony Book.


It’s always those who love the most, who most miss the one they love, when comes the parting of the ways and clouds loom dark above.
But tears will pass, your skies will clear, then will you smile again, and comfort find in memories, which now bring bitter pain.
Author Unknown


Life is mostly froth and bubble.
Two things stand like stone.
Kindness in another’s trouble.
Courage in your own.

A. L. Gordon


Not how did he die?
But how did he live, Not “what did he gain”, but what did he give.
These are the units of a man as a man, to measure the worth, regardless of birth.
Not what was his station, but “had he a heart” and “how did he play his God given part”.
Was he ever ready with a smile and a word of good cheer, to bring back a smile, to banish a tear.
Not what was his church, nor what was his creed.
But how many were sorry when he passed away, these are the measures of a man, indeed.



The bells used to call firefighters to emergencies in the days before automated alarm systems are often used during funeral services.
In the past, the "555" signal meant an emergency was over and the company was returning to its station, these are three groups of five chimes. Firefighters wearing class A dress watch over the bodies of firefighters. Walk of honor:...continued in the Funeral Book..


The traditional Irish Wake was commonplace around Ireland up until about the 1970's, and while it still takes place today it is less common than it once was.
This was the process of Laying out the body of a departed relative in the house where they lived and /or died.
All of the family and quite a few of the deceased's neighbours and friends would gather at the house.
The body was usually in a coffin in the parlour of the house or living room. There would be lots of food and .........continued in the book

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